Veterinary Providers

Pharmacy Solutions for All Walks of Life

We deliver pharmaceutical services for veterinary providers by compounding specialized medications that meet each animal’s unique needs – pets, exotics, horses, or zoo animals. We always prioritize safety and quality throughout our process while still carrying out all orders efficiently, and we work together with veterinarians and their clients to optimize patient care.

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Medications and Services Offered:

Flavored Medications

Our team can customize medications in various flavors to make administering them to your pet simple. For example, we can provide tuna-flavored products for cats, liver for dogs, and banana or tutti fruitti for exotics.

Medicine in Ideal Size, Strength, and Dosage

Commercial animal medications are often only available in one size or strength. We can formulate the perfect size and dosage appropriate for your pet’s weight, age, or preference.

Transdermal Medication

This type of administration is often preferred by pets. Simply apply the topical medication to a hairless area, such as the inside of an ear, to deliver the medication. This is especially ideal for pets who should not be stressed, as it is hassle-free for both the owner and the animal.

Unavailable Medication

Manufacturers often stop producing medicines and dosage forms that are unprofitable to the market due to demand. However, some patients still require these medications. Therefore, we can formulate these unavailable prescriptions so pets can continue receiving their required treatment.

Combination Needs

The ideal preparation may need to contain several ingredients to treat a variety of symptoms. We can compound the needed concentrations of compatible medications or an originally complex dosage into a single, easy-to-use preparation.

Novel Devices and Delivery Systems

We offer a variety of unique dispensing devices to simplify administration and improve compliance.

Sugar/Xylitol/Alcohol-Free Preparations

Due to dietary restrictions, some pets cannot take medications with sugar or alcohol. Our team can compound sugar, xylitol, and alcohol-free preparations so pets can receive the treatment they need without the harsh ingredients.